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【Watch Free TV on your PC with Ace Stream】 ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2019

At present, the vast majority of DTT television channels have their own websites and from them, in general, they broadcast live all the content they commonly show on TV . However, these do not work correctly in most cases, since in many cases they place various advertisements that make it almost impossible to see the content with normality , they request the installation of Adobe Flash Player or something similar to it.
However, there is a solution for this and it refers to P2P networks , which are based on computers that connect and communicate with each other, without using a central server and simply optimizing and managing the capacity of the network , with which they present certain types of content that you can consume through some softwares . Although these networks can be considered fraudulent and illegal, many of them ensure complete legality such as Ace Stream .
In this sense, Ace Stream is a player that allows you to watch any DTT channel through an Internet connection and without any complications . Thus, a completely free and specialized software, with the ability to increase the comfort of its users by broadcasting content without cuts and without ads . Well, if so far you do not know how to watch free TV through the network and using this program, then we indicate the most relevant aspects and the steps to follow to achieve it easily .

What is Ace Stream and what is this software really for?

It is a program that allows you to watch streaming content through P2P network technology and thereby works as a media player that has been designed to facilitate content with the help of the Internet using several important protocols . With these protocols, we refer to these P2P networks, as well as BitTorrent and client-server connection .
In this sense, it can be ratified that Ace Stream makes use of files published by other users to share them directly from their computers and indeed, the more users are connected, the image quality and fluidity will be completely better . This, in particular, because it increases the number of users who share it and in that way, it is an aspect that optimizes it.
What is summarized in that, through ACE Stream you can watch your favorite series, movies and channels wherever you want to be , just by using a computer and having an Internet connection. But, in addition, it integrates other benefits that characterize its operation and grants the best notion about understanding what this multimedia player is for.
Here are several of its most notable features:
  • It allows to see all types of transmission from the Internet using the recognized P2P and IPTV protocol.
  • It provides the ability to integrate other applications in order to simplify their use.
  • It gives the facility to listen to a wide catalog of music via streaming through an Internet connection.
  • It allows sending content to other devices by using Chromecas t, for example.
  • It can be used to play foreign television channels .
  • It works perfectly regardless of the origin of the content you want to view.
  • It provides the strength to open video files of all formats .

Steps to watch TV on your computer with the Ace Stream program

After understanding better what this beneficial program is about and encouraging you to use it, it is essential to know the steps you must take to get to watch the television content from your computer and without interruptions .

Tracing in this way, the route from its download to its configuration and also making sure about the tricks that exist to easily enjoy Ace Stream . Here is everything indicated in detail:

Download and install Ace Stream on your computer

Descargar e instalar Ace Stream en tu ordenador
First of all, we recommend installing the latest version of Ace Stream , to make sure you can enjoy all the features of this software.
The download and installation process is as follows:

Download ACE Stream Official for Windows

  • Through your web browser, look for the official website of this program and access it, which is called “ ”. With this you make sure not to install any type of malware that will cause future damage to your computer . (* We leave you a 100% secure direct link)
  • Located there, you will see that on the main page in the left area of ​​the screen, there is a small box that says “ Ace Stream Media 3.1 (Win) ” with a download arrow next to it. Press this button and the same page will show a small window where you must click on the only option there is, to initialize the download of the program .
  • When the download process is complete, you must proceed to the installation . At this point, they will tell you to close the web browser to install several add-ons that allow connection to the events you want to see. They also request that you have approximately 231 MB of free disk space .
  • While the installation process is being carried out, the wizard asks you to establish a location where the cache of the programs to be visualized will be stored through the software . Usually, it is indicated to be on the system disk (C: \) but if you have a second disk connected and you don't have so much space in the first one, you can proceed to use it to save that file on it . This is advisable to avoid saturating the system disk.
  • Then, go to the " Choose cache drive " window of the same installation wizard and select the drive where the cache file will be stored . Then click on " Install " and continue with the process.
  • To conclude, be sure to check the “ Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software ” box and then click on the “ Finishbutton , so that the browser automatically opens and you can test the operation of the program . If it still does not work, it is necessary to enable the Ace Stream plugin but similarly, it is important that you do not close that browser window .

Set up and use Ace Stream correctly

Set up and use Ace Stream correctly
When the program has been fully installed, a new icon will be displayed in the form of a Play icon that is surrounded by a circle of colors ; which belongs to the agent that presents the competence to make the multimedia play work correctly.
Consequently, you must rely on it to proceed to the configuration of Ace Stream that we indicate below, step by step:
  • To start, place the mouse on the icon mentioned above and thus, it will show you the download and upload of data that at its initial moment, must be at zero .
  • Then, right click on the icon and click on the first section that is identified as “ Options ”. Since this is the option that allows you to configure the most important aspects of the program .
  • Then, a new window will appear where you can see various types of selections. Start by removing the check in the name " Play entertaining videos while prebuffering " and placed first. Since, basically it manages not to reproduce any commercial when you wait for a video to finish loading .
  • Then, you will see that as a second option “ Start with sufficient speed only ”, which is important to leave it and keep it checked . This, mainly because it tells the program to start with enough speed and not to exceed it to avoid stunting its operation.
  • At this point, you can modify the values ​​that contain the “ VOD buffer, s ” and “ Live buffer, ssections shown with 3 and 10 , respectively. Generally, this is done to find the most optimal operation of Ace Stream and in principle, it is recommended to place 10 for “VOD buffer, s” and 30 for “Live buffer, s” .
  • Finally, click on the " Advanced " button and make sure you leave all other spaces as they were, since it is not necessary to change them at all. With this, you can confirm that the media player remains configured and emits a clearly appropriate operation .
It should be noted that VOD buffer is about the different ways that this program has to store the buffer and, therefore, the number already indicated must be modified to ensure proper operation.
Now, the Live buffer is about the delay you can have with the retransmission of any live event and therefore, if you have a low Internet speed , it is best to increase the live with the objective of carrying a certain delay .

Use on your Chromecast

Use on your Chromecast
While it is true, using Ace Stream on your Chromecast is very simple and for that, of course you must have a Chromecast connected to the TV through the HDMI port, the fully updated Google Chrome browser, with the software downloaded on your computer and the web of the channel you want to watch.

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To indicate the procedure to follow, it should be noted that you should not close Google Chrome in any way . Which means that it must always be active, since it works as a bridge between the PC and Chromecast because logically, the computer itself cannot transmit to Chromecast with its tools. Now, perform the step by step that we detail below :
  • Enter Google Chrome from the computer you will use for the process.
  • Now, open the menu that identifies with the three points vertically and proceed by clicking " Send ... ", where you can press the arrow it has and open the drop-down menu .
  • In that drop-down menu that shows the list of available devices, select your Chromecast .
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new tab where they indicate " Select source " and there you must choose the " Send desktop " option .
  • Subsequently, a request to share your screen will appear and you need to click on “ Yes ”. So that with this, everything you see on the screen of your device can also be seen on the TV screen that has Chromecast connected .
  • Now, to specifically see what you want from a specific website, access that web page and select the “ Agenda / Scheduleoption that means “ Schedule ” and is located in the top menu to thereby emit the event you want on the TV .
  • Then, an ad will appear for a few seconds, which you must click on “ Close ” to display the Agenda / Schedule screen again .
  • Finally, go to the menu at the top and place the mouse on “ acestream1 + (av1, av2…, av10) ” or “ acestream 2+ (av11… av20) ” and that's it.

Install the Ace Stream extension for the browser

Install the Ace Stream extension for the browser
For convenience and coverage, this streaming program facilitates more options than its installation on computers, configuration from the same equipment and connectivity with Chromecast. Since, Ace Stream has an extension for the Google Chrome browser and this allows you to use the software directly from that platform to see each of the events, series or movies you want.
In some cases, the same program issues a notice to place the extension but if this did not happen to you during the process, you can use other options to search for the extension. For this, you must enter “More tools” and then click on “ Extensions ”.
In this place, access “ Ace Script ” that allows you to customize the functionality and style of web pages to integrate the functions of Ace Stream , through the installation of personal user scripts.
Then, click on " Add to Chrome " and since then, the same extension that is known as " Ace Stream Web Extension " will give you the ability to watch videos or channels from the website that offer it and with total simplicity that is, directly from the same online sites.
Finally, you can use the web “ ” that allows you to test the operation of the playback of clips from the browser , to make sure you have completed the procedure correctly. That is, it is a tool provided by the same developer of the program to ratify that the extension works in the best way.

How and where do I download the channels to watch TV with Ace Stream on my TV?

How and where do I download the channels to watch TV with Ace Stream on my TV?

Download Ace Stream channels from Github repository

Once users understand and learn everything mentioned above, the biggest question that arises is how to download the channels to watch TV with Ace Stream on the same TV and additionally, it is valuable to specify a website where you can download them with total security .
Given this, first of all, we indicate that copyrighted content cannot be opened in case of not having rights because that way, the law is violated.
Therefore, it is extremely important to access a website that can be used in a completely legal way and that with this, ensure free content that does not violate the law of Spain in any way.
That is why we recommend using “ ” which is estimated as the best repository of television channels and is 100% collaborative . There, you can enter, enjoy and share all the Spanish DTT channels they provide .
In this sense, GitHub emits excellent operation with Ace Stream and allows you to enjoy the software to the fullest through your computer. Likewise, it is a website that is based on VLC and therefore, video files of any type of format can be opened , thus collecting all streaming addresses in existence .
As for its operation, it is very simple . To start, you must copy the URL of the website you wish to view (provided by GitHub), then access Ace Stream and enter the middle menu. Located at that point, select " Open network dump " and proceed to paste the link in the box that is activated immediately . Now, click play and you just have to wait a few seconds to enjoy the clip.

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