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acestream channels | All those who are fans to watch the sport will surely search among the many ways to watch sports and football live for free  , but many of them are full of interruptions or advertisements and publicity, so we want to propose a relatively "alternative" recent, that differs from all the classic methods of transmission, since it  offers the vision of soccer, boxing, UFC, the races of Formula 1 or those of Moto GP, in high quality and without cuts. We want to present and explain what are the Acestream channels of Arenavision for Android phones and, in addition, for Mac, Windows, IOS with their fully updated lists. Acetream is well known by sports fans and not only to watch football, but you can watch many sports, each of them has a different channel and with HD quality . Acestream channels are recognized as one of the best ways to broadcast live any event. Acestream  allows us to  see the various games and sports in streaming without blockages, slowdowns, or other problems that usually affect the classic broadcast sites, which among other things are full of advertising, banners and pop-ups. That makes it almost impossible to watch the games, Formula 1, MotoGP and all other sports online. With this system, each sport has its channel  also in HD quality, and that is why Acestream channels are usually considered the best to see live and any type of event.

What is Acestream?

For those who do not yet know Acestream , we can say that it is a system through which multimedia files can be shared among several users, who can be clients or servers depending on the activity they carry out. Before being known as such, Acestream received the name of TorrentStream although little by little it was improving to guarantee a better service and with it (back in 2013) Acestream emerged. The service works with  Acestream channels which coincide in being a great multimedia experience and which, for many users, is somewhat similar to YouTube channels, although with the difference that these are used to stream torrents . Being based on torrents,  with the increase of connected users, the transmission improves and becomes more fluid and stable . Acestream we have available for  Android and Windows and we can use it both from the PC and through mobile devices, previously downloading that, emulators that help us to execute this type of programs.

How Acestream links Works

Acestream uses magnet links through content IDs. These content IDs are unique and are assigned to streaming channels and once you have these content IDs you will be able to stream your desired content instantly. In general, Acestream works on BitTorrent technology. As we know, torrenting laws differ from country to country. However, many people are unaware of the fact that streaming copyright content is illegal, whether you are doing it through Kodi, torrents, or Acestream. Therefore it is vital that you use some kind of protection to avoid getting into legal troubles.

How to Use Acestream?

Acestream platform uses BitTorrent client, so you must have a fast internet connection to get the best streaming experience with it. You don’t require any subscription or pay for anything to stream on Acestream links, it’s absolutely free. To stream with Acestream channels, you need to first install the app from its website. Once you have the app on your device, you need a content ID, which is basically a magnet link that will bring you media content from different sources. Since Acestream allows you to stream channels, each channel is assigned a unique content ID and you will need that ID to watch that specific channel. Supposedly, if you want to watch BBC, then you need a BBC content ID that you need to add in the Acestream client.

Here is how to use Acestream in detail:

  1. Download and install Acestream from
  2. Launch Acestream Player and Select Media.
  3. Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  4. Hit Play.
Once you hit play, it might take a while to launch the stream depending on your internet connection, the popularity of the stream, and the number of peers uploading streaming content. If you have a fast internet connection, the buffering won’t take long and you will be able to stream without any trouble and delays.

How to Download Acestream on Different Devices?

Acestream is only available for Android and Windows, so you must have a Windows PC or any Android device to install Ace Player HD and watch your desired content. To get Acestream on Windows and Android, follow these simple guides from below: acestream channels | acestream canales

How to Install Acestream on Windows

  1. Visit on Chrome, Firefox or any other browser
  2. Download Ace Player HD app.
  3. Install the Player on your Windows device, accepting the license agreement.
  4. Uncheck “‘Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software’’ box if you don’t want to test the app, and continue to use the app.
  5. Launch Ace Player and Select Media.
  6. Select “Open Ace Stream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  7. Hit Play.

How to Install Acestream on Android

  1. Visit on Android browser
  2. Download Ace Player HD app.
  3. Install the Player on your Android device, accepting the licensed agreement.
  4. Uncheck “‘Visit Ace Stream website and test the installed software’’ box if you don’t want to test the app.
  5. Launch Ace Player and Select Media.
  6. Select “Open AceStream Content ID” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box.
  7. Hit Play.

How to install Acestream on Mac

Although Acestream is only compatible with Windows and Android, you can actually use Soda Player to watch Acestream channels content.

Here is how:

  1. Download & Install Soda Player from here
  2. Copy/Paste the media player to your Applications folder
  3. Launch Soda Player and add an Acestream URL/Content ID
  4. Enjoy streaming your desired content via AceStream Mac

How to install Acestream on Kodi

You can also use Acestream on Kodi via the Plexus Kodi Addon. The process to install Plexus addon is simple. Once you have the addon, you can add your Acestream links on the addon to start streaming. Use a Kodi VPN when streaming on Kodi, as it is unsafe and can get you in trouble for copyright infringement if you’re streaming with unofficial Kodi addons.

Here is a detailed view on how to do that:

  1. Launch Kodi, go to Settings, Select File Manager and then click on Add Source
  2. Select <NONE> option and paste this URL >
  3. Click Ok and enter a name for the repository i.e. “LazyKodi
  4. Hit OK and return to Kodi main screen
  5. Now Choose Add-ons and then hit on Add-on Installer (box icon) from the top left corner
  6. Choose Install from Zip file and select LazyKodi > Repositories Androidaba > Repositories >
  7. Select to add it to your repository
  8. Click Install from Repository> .Kodil Repository > Select Program Add-ons > Plexus > and hit Install
  9. Return to Kodi main screen, choose add-ons and launch Plexus
  10. To livestream sports on Plexus AceStream add-on, Select AceStream: Play AceStream hash/Torrent URL> Copy a Content ID from out list below and Paste it here.
  11. That’s it, wait for the stream to begin, and enjoy!

Updated Acestream Links – Acestream Channels for 2019

I do not own or broadcast any of these AceStream channels. They have been scraped from various locations online.

Acestream Lists 2019 Updated

Arenavision is a website that offers users a repository of channels that gives you access to all sporting events: football , NBA , MotoGP , Formula 1 , UFC , Boxing , ...

ArenaVision Channels

The channels of Arenavision are divided into different sections called:
  • Arenavision 1
  • Arenavision 2....
Each of these channels emit a sport and on the web itself you will find the calendar with the sporting events offered by each channel.

Website :

Arsenal vs. Bournemouth

KICK OFF//19.45GMT//20.45CET 1. 187927b76edc634c5250d9792d7ce0fb2141e23d BEIN

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

KICK OFF//20.00GMT//21.00CET 1. 93e33b8239023c1ce9106596dc7e9aaa5494f2c2 1 TV 2. fff3148562de6858d65c41f619c26822026e0706 GOL TV 3. bfa59721190dba50ed6ac3b156644178dc5aa41e MATCH TV 4. f172e7349e98fddb7343cf1574813780010f93a5 MATCH TV

Chelsea vs. Tottenham

KICK OFF//20.00GMT//21.00CET 1. ea2e5a3d9a45fbae038478874dda6833d0afbc0a NBCSN 2. d32697a1eb5cf958fb7451ae46f05edce066611a BT SPORT 3. 786f5438db34cded03ab04dd3e63c3c7d7334b72 MOVISTAR 4. e95afa47894ca4ada27799f6da4f4d97dba6de06 MATCH TV

Liverpool vs. Watford

KICK OFF//20.00GMT//21.00CET 1. e941ba5d9acf7169c3780065b08b58d715bf59b6 SNWL 2. f461c74baef98f8584a8689e9cd383b661a152fd MOVISTAR 3. cbd454171628804afd35479738dd592389d6c938 MATCH TV

Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United

KICK OFF//20.00GMT//21.00CET 1. 1333c6564605efa3176467ba0f7a68c884f58511 MATCH TV

Manchester City vs. West Ham

KICK OFF//20.00GMT//21.00CET 1. 6de68a03a6227af014b16a3974e14af307cf5b81 MOVISTAR 2. 8d1c2c67375498c07b6e12082be3a79504c0ea0a SPORT


Bein Sport 1 (TURKEY) 3263bc80c20976b6033c391b486c879689503057
UEFA Channel 25cdb6a77a6784d69f672786f52b15767b8ed605
Sky Sports Main Event d5a4b4ad867c4eda45761244808ab157d76a5b81
Sky Sports Football 6b7d4ec53f104223d388e3a52fa5a1aea430abdc
Sky Sports F1 089b578a0efa6fd0cf2a71e57ac1cd5747fa1258
Sky Sports 1 (Italia) 3d02f3def5d9f75550e2132e96bb84a1f9467b6d
BT Sport 1 266645818f41bc549f210a320fa49aa34ecc9fc3
BT Sport 2 11c0059038fab62112d6d561e3ea8c10c2dedd59
BT Sport 3 1fe5088dc7bec3b829851d74c3867ac639504fda
BT Sport ESPN 5f081dfd5c50cfe992019f491ad526d2fabe3fa5
Eurosport 1 RO (EPL) 1be6ee4c8660fa442c47dc9ac9680c53cef6d508
Eurosport 1 RU 0b612fada0005d71a9bc8c3040078b29d23b95dc
Eurosport 1 DE 0c364edf941781c5fec67ea9a91b6cec03c6e074
Sky Sport News DE 218f3f19d6f0a9dab1b9d41107be0c1aa26addd5
Arena Sport 1 SRB 4f8d748b28aab88a182163556981f1be2c7f7df1
Arena Sport 2 SRB fa4606d46a46b5b6aec968463ef403cb149c2539
Arena Sport 3 SRB 9dac84a31956d48411b5f140b9db2218717f4ce9
Arena Sport 4 SRB 4bf5db9477e9c7efcec8d800f8a51dd0e6c25fac
TELEKOM SPORT 1 5d01d5f6b29b1cd4dc4562c2dc8afb03555353dc
TELEKOM SPORT 2 59dd632895b10deb3160464f354bdbd5e76d1ae1
TELEKOM SPORT 3 05fa0a5425cb28b637ecefd2729212be16cf9f13
TELEKOM SPORT 4 87a3530f50cefae45fac70f2a8559e8da8076a6e
SEVILLA FC TV 610af82beea95ff9c3b754176184994f829c061c
Real Madrid TV ENG 6a87385c4b7f9f786d2697c7c68740fab8258791
Real Madrid TV ESP d56b4c88601eafa10112bdfd8a2cff0f8696957f
Movistar+ Futbol HD 2bb4557424a12e7e0d348472fa8057785c322564
Movistar+ F1 36115aa6a959ff0e6039c6e2a1b0f8f592926273
NFL NOW d557bda798c566e36c934121d5578354ac081f04
Olympic Channel HD 8847f82692cd7136f2c18df14bce31384c93195f
Polsat Sport d4e46b71e82ab46c4dbb82abdba7a6db929f2300
Polsat Sport Extra c72e2a607f2ffbc30f31ddccbcb1085b774cf675
Super Tennis HD c4906f36e6218845ffb4b2f7671bb409a7a18e56
Viasat Sport 589ec75600267ac52d276075e5e9d598eccf2ae4
Viasat Sport HD 4db8fc737db2f217983e5be7506e232adc849844
Viasat Hockey cdad27334fbbcd57420a1682d91aed05e9551c43
Fox Sport 1 US 6a3b3e9ac8421d471784c0dda3db235dd14aed30
Fox Sport 2 US acaabe49d0ccdb933f8af082b99c79e599388365
Sport Klub 1 54b654717e8c59349ef934b1fd990674fff32dab
Sport Klub 2 c9416e9979d4d2106eeb98fe3516d8bc8e9f6ba8
Sport Klub 3 f3a61009fe7a3d7149d25ed6885c4bc02fd4429a
Tivibu Spor 1 65b9f7e30a17d4a14ec584369bad537194967cb7
Sportacentrs TV 7f0bb21d7fe6cfdfbc02abee7080f491c5a9c0fd
Max Sport 1 90376e75d76523fd38d21ddadee2bc6b66180246
Max Sport 2 92ab35a95684a08e27088fd78e659459493752aa
NTV Sport 1 e11958774687a49c1ffd31c51636b81de6caa8dc
TV5 Monde 08b96d8c84e65b68d911b2e7c3473f9b0e64597b
BFM Paris 0f444160a8a047cbb9b2786b4e82127df3068f89
TV5 Monde 2a7c651a15dddbec5ed89909c67b2e303fbf1f29
YAS Sport HD 03347475959c48676f295afa7c9be1c7a9cfc466
TRT SPOR b3b313bc20ff0c6403044061fc5b4e5735041aa8
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